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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Traveling Tips

Try these tricks on your next trip to make traveling with a medical condition less stressful, easier, and more fun. These travel tips save time and energy...... When traveling with any medical condition, it is important to take steps to make the journey as smoooth and enjoyable as possible. Follow some or all of these steps on your next trip to save time and energy. The list is not exhaustive, but it pinpoints basic tricks that can help those with medical conditions get the most out of traveling.


  • Leave your destination phone number and address with a friend or family member
  • Get doctors' notes for any injectable or questionable medications you bring on a train or airplane
  • Carry a small, portable sharps container for injectables
  • Keep all meds and prescriptions in your carry-on case in the event that your luggage is lost
  • Bring extra prescriptions in case you lose your medications enroute
  • Give yourself extra time to avoid unnecessary stress and fatigue
  • Use luggage with wheels/ long handles to avoid carrying it from place to place
  • Use the bathroom right before boarding the plane or train (airlines make you sit with the seatbelt on for a while after take-off)
  • Avoid excess drinking of any liquids before boarding or going on a road trip and also just before landing
  • Make use of assistive devices such as canes and wheel chairs to avoid fatigue
  • Ask for seats near an exit if you are physically handicapped

During Trip

  • Use assistive devices to avoid fatigue on such journeys as nature walks, amusement parks, and all-day excursions
  • Keep hydrated to avoid fatigue
  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure
  • Keep medications with you in a convenient place such as a purse or backpack
  • Know where local hospitals are
  • Ask theme parks if there are special services for those with disabilities
  • Wear ID bracelets that indicate medical conditions (example: epilepsy) in case of emergency
  • Be prepared and patient enough to make pit-stops--- Hey, at least you're out there!


  • Repack early for less stress
  • Do the same things that are listed for "pre-trip"
  • Have your taxi or ride pull right up to the curb of the airport or train station for luggage transport
  • Have your ride come nice and early
  • If there are baggage porters, utilize them (remember to tip well!)

Keep an open mind when traveling and you can have a fantastic time. Just because you have a medical condition, you don't have to miss out on the fun and adventures of traveling. Give yourself extra time, know the information about your destination, and utilize any assistive devices to make your journey easier. Don't be hard on yourself and expect perfection because even those who are in "perfect health" sometimes need assistance. Lastly, enjoy!

Read more: "Traveling with a Medical Condition: Helpful Tricks for Healthy Travel | Suite101.com" -http://neurologicalillness.suite101.com/article.cfm/traveling_with_a_medical_condition#ixzz0G0IecwS5&A

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