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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Facial Salt Scrub

Things You'll Need:
Small ramekin


Step 1

Pour honey into a ramekin. Honey will provide the base for your salt scrub. Make sure your honey is at room temperature because it will be easier to work with. Pour honey into your small ramekin until it's almost half full.

Step 2

Add enough salt to the honey to thicken it; mix thoroughly. The mixture should be thick enough to stick to the back of the spoon without dripping. Continue adding salt by the teaspoon and mixing it with the spoon until it's the right consistency.

Step 3

Spread the facial scrub on your face, gently. Start with your forehead and work down, avoiding the eye area. If the facial is too thick to spread easily, moisten your hands with warm water. Be sure not to pull or stretch your facial skin when applying the scrub.

Step 4

Allow the scrub to sit on your face for about five minutes. The weight of it will draw the blood to the surface of your skin. Your face should appear slightly red and feel warm.

Step 5

Scrub. With a moist hand, rub the facial into your skin in small circular motions. If the facial is too tight to move easily, add some warm water with your hands.

Step 6

Rinse. The facial is easiest to remove in the shower. Stand under the shower and let the warm water dissolve the facial from your face. Be sure to rinse thoroughly, especially near the hairline.

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