Hope is faith holding out its hand in the dark.  -George Iles

Friday, September 11, 2009

Photo Friday

I came across this photo on www.flickr.com Here is the attached comment made by the person who uploaded it.

More art therapy, brought to you by my Nintendo DS. 

Like many other people with conditions that bring them chronic pain, my lifestyle has had to change to fit my limitations. From the outside it doesn't paint an accurate picture about my personality. We aren't lazy, disinterested, antisocial or otherwise "broken"; we're dealing with a setback that, unfortunately, has to be catered to until we find health again or are offered some relief. We are still the same people on the inside, possibly with the addition of some anger/confusion/frustration which I feel is justified given the lack of awareness, resources and treatment options available at this time.

I like to walk... go outside, draw, climb things, get hyper, jump on trampolines, swim, work, sit up and paint, cuddle, play on a computer, go out with friends... There are many things I'm missing and dreaming of doing while I am at home doing what I can to work towards recovery. Many things that have to be put on hold right now because they bring excruciating pain which screams at me during and blinds me from the joy they bring to my life. This continues to boggle my mind, as I try every day to do one of these activities all over again and with no luck; it tends to backfire, and believe me I've had some years full of days to experiment with this!

So may they find a cure, or some relief.
At the very least, may the people who can relate to what I've said here or this image join us over at .:hh:. so that we can share hope, inspiration and ideas; while the doctors haven't found a "cure" it's my hope we can band together and figure out what works and what doesn't. Who knows, we could solve this... all on our own.

[I drew this awhile ago using the COLORS! app and a Nintendo DS Lite. I've since been gifted a DSi (thank you boyfriend!) and am working on getting it equipped with similar hardware so I can keep using Colors. I wanted to mention this since I hope more people will download and use this awesome software! 

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