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Monday, September 7, 2009

Help, I Need My Meds!!!

Guest blogger "Living with Diabetes, Neuropathy, and Fibromyalgia".

So I was laying in bed (yes, again, this is where these things start, when I am left alone with my thoughts, scary, I know!) with my hands and feet hurting and burning. The burning feels like I am holding my hands over a lit candle. Anyways, I digress already.....
I was thinking of our health insurance. First of all, I realize healthcare is a hot topic right now with Obama. And, of course I haven't been paying any attention so I am not up to speed therefore this is not what I am talking about here. 
What I do want to talk about is what do you do, how do you pay for, your medication when you have no insurance, or prescription plan.

First of all, most pharmacies now have their own prescription plan. I know our local Sweetbay has one that was, I believe,  $7 for the year. There are 400 medications on the list that cost only $4 for a 30 day supply and only $10 for a 90 day supply, and they even have some free antibiotics. This plan covers 2 of my most important medications, the generic for synthroid (as I have no thyroid) and metformin (for my diabetes), so it's a start. However, I am still without gabapentin and cymbalta, probably my next 2 most important prescriptions. 
My next step was to go directly to the drug companies. A good share of drug companies have programs for the less fortunate folks who fall below the poverty line. Cymbalta is made by a company called Lilly USA. You can apply with them at 
http://www.lillycares.com/. Print out the application and take it to your Doctor. This is the stage I am at now. Pfizer has several different programs. You can find a list at http://www.pfizerhelpfulanswers.com/pages/Find/findall.aspx
I found both my gabapentin (neurontin) and xanax there. The program I am eligible for is Connection to Care. Again it is the same as the Lilly program. Print the application and have your doctor fill it out. Most of these programs also require proof of income, like a copy of last year's taxes. Right now I am at the stage of waiting for my doctor to fill out the paperwork. Hopefully it will be ready tomorrow. I will keep you informed of my status. 
I did receive a coupon for 15 free cymbalta from the Lilly cares website, and some samples from my doctor. 
Next will be to see if there is any help for my pain meds, tramadol and vicodin. But, they are the least important right now. There may still be some reform with this weird "limited" health insurance plan from my husband's new company. It just seems wrong to pay $85 a week for a "limited" plan that doesn't cover prescriptions. 
More to come on this topic!

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