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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 4 Guaifenesin Treatment

As I got ready for work this morning I noticed that I woke up feeling less stiffness. (I work a total of 9 hours a week to pay for groceries, gas and medications. Most of those 2 days are torture). I went to put on my boots with little effort. I thought I was being deceived or confused and paid more attention to the other boot with the same result.

Normally, it hurts so bad to bend at the hips and squeeze my hands to pull my boots on. I usually sit on our sofa which is Lower to the ground to help ease the pain and less struggle.

Later in the day, I noticed a worse flare coming on. Shooting pings and pains throughout my body and reoccurring muscle spasam. That I haven't had for about a year. It seemed like my symptoms through out the years finally bundled into one symptom. Massive pain and stiffness which made it hard to notice anything else going on with me. I should note that my urine has this unexplainable order that the doctors can't seem to find a cause to and I have lumps in my forearms both left and right arm. Left side the worse and at the bottom of my legs near my ankles.

Continuing to take the 200mg dose 2x's a day.

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