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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Week 2 Guaifenesin Treatment

I'm still sick with cold/flu as of today. My entire family is sick as well. It helps to know its not a side effect of the Guaifenesin even though my symptoms aren't listed as side effects to it. Since my body reacts differently to medications, it's good to know I'm
Not the only one sick here.

Even though I've been in bed this week, I noticed that when I do get up to make meals or use the bathroom, I'm doing little things with more ease. The stiffness continues to ease up. 
I'm still experiencing tiredness, fatigue and less pain throughout my body. The pain, instead of being all over every inch of my body, it's generalized in certain areas only. Ie; My left arm, elbows, hands and legs.

I also noticed a symptom I haven't had in over a year which is hot spots on my hands and elbows. (Swelling and very hot to touch areas). This might explain where the protocol states you will notice old symptoms return.

The lumps on my left upper arm don't hurt as much when I rub them. I used to cry if I would just touch them.

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